Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Pig Face Cake

Have a look at what I was asked to create for Joanna Fuertes-Knight's Girl Eats Food Party at VICE last week... Follow this link VICE.com to see the full event and to check out the Girl Eats Food column.

I was quite proud of his snuffly little face...

and my apple painting skills too:

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Rude Food

The lovely Steph and I are putting on a supper club at the Angel Pub in brixton....

We like Rude. We love Food. Its perfect really.
Let us sate your every appetite with Rude Food.

Get warmed up with canapés off a peachy bottomed lady, slippery nipple in hand, and let us finish you off with an unctuous, well rounded sweet with curves in all the right places.

It's much more than just a dining experience, you will be immersed in interactive saucy art, inspired by the classic and tastefully shot Rude Food from David Thorpe in the very early eighties (pictured). Slick and sexy, but nothing stays like that for long does it?

Arrive at 8pm for your 4 course dinner, a free drink on arrival and a full evening of teasing. 

Running for Friday 29th & Sat 30th June, tickets must be bought in advance via


Space is limited so make sure you get them tickets booked!

After your meal you will be invited to stay and enjoy the wonders of SEXY ART by the chaps at Brick Box until 2am.

"For this event, some of London's Sexiest Artists will be oozing art from every crevice, licking it from ****, exposing and investigating it. Yeah baby, they'll be uncovering their **** and sharing seminal *****. Mmmm...peer-to-peer exchanges and engagement whilst initiating...mmmmm...formal and informal art practises...ooh baby...oh - and...offline."


*Live performances from Continental Operations
*DJ Rutters Smooth Tunes
*Vegetable portraiture