Tuesday, 22 March 2011

And On The Eighth Day God Created Tasty Morsels

And On The Eighth Day God Created Tasty Morsels

Wiley young Eve with the cupid’s bow lips
took a bite from the apple and as she did
into her pretty head floated a thought
that it would taste nicer with a slice of pork.

“You’re naked,” gawped Adam. “You to,” said she.
“Just jump in the bushes so no one can see.”
“But I need  a fig leaf,” wailed A in distress.
“Stuff fig leaves,” snapped Eve, “I would rather a dress.”

Nearby was a hillside of daisies and  bees
and darling young lambkins all frolicking free.

“I have it,” cried Eve, “ I’ll weave us some cloth
from the back of the baa lambs. Then we’ll eat broth,
followed with lamb shanks oven roasted through,
served on a reduction of fine lambkin jus.”

The bush leaves and boughs, the twigs and a nest
all quivered and shook as Eve tackled her quest.
Then she rose, like a Phoenix,  into the light,
attired in a Toque and  an apron in white.

“I’m starving,” cried Eve. “ I’ll make us a meal.
I quite fancy fish and some tenderised veal.”
“But we’re vegan,” gasped A. “God willed it so.
He has given us grain and herbs we can grow.”

Eve fluttered her eyelids but made it quite plain
she was Chef, and the culinary arts her domain.

“Herbs  for flavouring, I quite agree.
Let’s tie some together for a bouquet garni,
but protein’s what’s needed for be-getting a son.
So  go slaughter the cow, tonight’s filet mignon.”

By Anthea Kentish. (She just had to let me put this poem up I loved it so much!) Thank you Mum!

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