Thursday, 16 February 2012

Rosie's Wedding

Looking through some of my foodie photos the other day I cannot believe this never made it to the blog. A mixture of being super busy and super lazy over that period it must have gotten lost in the either and never quite made it into ciber-space.

Catering for lovely Rosie of Rosie's Deli Cafe fame (check out her book and blog here), I joined forces with the amazingly wonderful Stephanie Boote and Louise Wakefield (like myself, both ex-employees of The Bride). Here are some photo's of the food we served for Rosie and Raff's big day.

Steph places borage flowers on the chilled cucumber & thyme soup

A garden salad of asparagus & radish with nasturtium flowers

A table of salads to accompany the main course of chicken in sauce messine: Garden salad, Feta & mint stuffed courgettes, tomato salad with capers, olives & Basil, Creamy potato salad.

A trio of desserts: Rich chocolate tort, meringue kisses & Elderflower & prosecco jelly

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