Monday, 18 October 2010

A Little Name Change

The word caterer conjures up to many images of large faceless kitchens, school dinners and corporations which is quite the opposite of what my cooking and this blog is all about. It is about my life long passion for food and sharing that passion with friends and family. My kitchen is definitely at the heart of it. 


  1. I love this photo Rose. You look beautiful and grumpy all at once.

  2. ha! thanks Dara! was trying to find one of me smiling but nevermind...

  3. Glad you used this one Rosie K. Think your change of name is a good move.
    Can we have the recipe for those very tasty little cakes?
    xx anthea

  4. Rose you do do beautiful grumpy exceptionally well. x x

  5. I like the apron - I think we need a close up!
    Thanks for the Chicken and Hazelnut recipe - it went down a treat. I don't think you should put it up now though, I want people to think it's mine!
    I have to admit though, I cheated - you should try out some of these spice mixes, they're amazing:

  6. Oh - and love the magnum of Conti Zecca!

    Happy days.

  7. Double magnum Dan! Happy indeed! Always good having enough language skills to charm a count into donating large amounts of wine for your birthday meal...

    Spice mix looks good (all hail Delia!), will have to get my hands on some.

    Will see about my photoshop skills for a close up on the lovely apron! Sure it will feature again soon...