Monday, 18 October 2010

Petits Fours

Called financier in France and friand in Australia, these lovely little cakes are so tasty and are my new favorite cake to bake. (The french name apparently either derives from the traditional gold bar shaped tin used to bake them in or that they first became popular in the financial district of Paris)

The cake base is made up of almonds, egg whites, melted butter, icing sugar and a tiny bit of flour and it makes them so amazingly light and moist. They can be made any size, but I have made them bite sized portions to add to my list of sweet canapes.  I found the recipe here.

In this batch I have popped just one fresh raspberry in the centre of each before baking but lots of different fruit works very well too. The lovely boys at Federation Coffee make amazing blueberry ones... well worth a visit to Brixton market for a sample!