Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Wedding Party

This was the first wedding reception I have ever catered for and such a great event to be part of. Held at the beginning of last month it was a really lovely day that went without a hitch and I am very proud of the work we did, especially my sous chef and friend Harriet, my sister Alice and my lovely serving staff and cooks on the day, Elsie and Julia! 
I wont lie and say I didn't feel slightly more pressure, not because the food was more difficult or the numbers more daunting (I have catered larger events with more dishes in the past) or that i was under any pressure by the bride and groom or their families (they were all a dream to cook for) but simply because it was a wedding...: there is a tension in the run up to a wedding that is greater than at any other celebration; everything really must, must, must be absolutely, Really Totaly Perfect!

The menu for 90 people was chosen by the lovely bride Letty and was as follows:


A selection of dips: Tzatziki, Homous & Baba Ganoush with breads and warmed pita breads
Greek Salad
Rice salad with fresh herds and a lemon dressing
Chicken thigh fillets with Saffron and Hazelnuts
Sucuk (spicy Turkish sausage) and Vegan sausages with roasted vegetables and sesame seeds
Homemade Falafel
Tea & coffee with cakes provided by the wedding guests

Food preparation began on the Thursday before and involved a whole lot of rinsing, peeling, chopping and frying...

(Beautiful kitchen provided by the lovely Kylie and Bharat! Thanks)

The day was a real success and the food went down very well. I'm afraid there are not that many photos of the food as I was more involved in getting the food to the tables than documenting everything as it left the kitchen...

(chicken thighs with saffron and hazelnuts, recipe from the Ottolenghi cookbook, so very tasty! He does it with a whole chicken but for the wedding it was better to have smaller portions and chicken thighs were an obvious choice)

It was a lot of work and I enjoyed every minute of it.!

I will be posting up some more of the recipes shortly... Especially the recipe for Sucuk which I had never tried before this event. It is a really delicious, spicy, garlicky, red Turkish sausage and well worth a taste...

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  1. Nice one Rose, looks really good, been to a few Czech weddings recently, wish you did the catering! :)